Hire better people, faster

Imagine cutting your time-to-hire while improving the quality of your candidates. Our technology is designed to do just that, helping you build the team you need to drive your business forward.

Is recruitment draining your time and resources without delivering results?

In today's market, you're probably not short on applicants - your inbox is overflowing. But here's the rub: more resumes doesn't mean better hires. You're drowning in a sea of mediocrity, desperately searching for those elusive A-players and 10xers who can truly drive your business forward. You know the game-changers are out there, but your current recruitment process isn't finding them. Does this sound familiar...

Why is hiring still taking so long?

You know good hiring takes time and effort, but it feels like you're pouring energy into all the wrong places. Hours are spent on admin, while truly evaluating talent gets squeezed into rushed interviews. You needed these key players Yesterday, but the finish line keeps moving further away.

Where are all the standout candidates?

Despite the flood of applications, it seems like the real A-players aren't even in the mix. Your job posts are attracting quantity, but the quality candidates – those who could truly elevate your business – appear to be sitting this one out.

Rising costs, but mediocre results?

It's not just about the hefty recruitment fees. It's as much the hours your team spends in interviews, the projects delayed waiting for new hires, the opportunities missed while positions sit empty. Add in the risk of a bad hire, and the true cost of recruitment is even higher.

Drowning in a sea of sameness?

You're spending hours manually reviewing countless resumes, but they're all starting to blur together. With AI-written applications on the rise, it's getting harder to discern genuine talent from large language models at the early stages.

Hiring tech that keeps pace with your business

Your hiring process should be your competitive advantage, not your bottleneck. We're building tools to strip away the tedious parts of recruitment, letting you focus on what matters - connecting with great candidates.

Slash your time-to-hire
Cut the admin burden and unlock higher level recruitment tasks. We're building tools to streamline your hiring process and empower you to perform more strategic hiring tasks (like headhunting and candidate discovery) yourself.
Supercharge your hiring ROI
We're developing tools that will help you maximise the value of every hour and dollar invested in building your team. Make the entire hiring process easier, from sourcing to selection, reducing wasted time and resources

Our technology

We're leveraging our expertise in recruitment to build hiring tools that will significantly impact how you find, evaluate, and secure talent, transforming the way you hire.

YesterdayAI FAQs

Have questions about our technology? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand how our YesterdayAI works.

What is YesterdayAI?

YesterdayAI is an innovative recruitment technology platform that leverages artificial intelligence to transform the hiring process. We combine deep expertise in recruitment with cutting-edge AI to help companies find, evaluate, and secure top talent more efficiently and effectively.

How does YesterdayAI work?

Our platform seamlessly integrates AI across three crucial stages: candidate discovery, applicant screening, and pipeline management. By leveraging advanced algorithms, YesterdayAI expands your talent pool, efficiently evaluates applicants based on customised criteria, and streamlines your entire recruitment workflow.

Is YesterdayAI used for all recruitments, or only certain types?

YesterdayAI is used across a wide range of recruitment processes, enhancing candidate screening for various roles. Its AI-driven capabilities efficiently assess resumes and match candidates with job requirements, making it suitable for both general and specialised positions. However, its use is tailored to the specific needs of each recruitment project, ensuring the most effective approach is applied, whether for junior, mid-level, or executive roles.

How do you ensure fairness and avoid bias in your AI-driven processes?

We ensure fairness and avoid bias in our AI-driven processes by regularly auditing our algorithms, using diverse data sets, and incorporating binary decision-making processes. Additionally, we include human oversight at critical points and provide bias training for our team. These practices help maintain an equitable and unbiased recruitment process.

Is YesterdayAI available to test yet?

YesterdayAI is currently in private beta, which means we're in an early testing phase with a limited number of select users. During this stage, different features of our platform are at varying levels of development and refinement. We're actively using our own software in real-world recruitment scenarios to ensure its reliability and to verify that it genuinely drives efficiency in the hiring process. This hands-on approach allows us to fine-tune our tech and user experience before we move to a public beta. Our goal is to deliver a polished, highly effective product when we launch more widely. We're excited about the progress we're making and look forward to opening up access to more users in the future as we approach our public beta phase.

Do you use YesterdayAI for all your recruitment services?

While YesterdayAI is a powerful tool in our recruitment arsenal, we currently implement it selectively based on specific needs rather than across all aspects of our services. The platform supports various parts of the recruitment process, but it's not yet widely integrated into every stage. We're taking a measured approach, carefully evaluating where tools can add the most value and refining its application accordingly. This allows us to ensure that when we do deploy YesterdayAI in a particular area, it genuinely enhances efficiency and outcomes. As we continue to develop and refine the platform, we anticipate expanding its use across more facets of our recruitment services in the future.

Does YesterdayAI integrate with their existing HR systems?

While we currently have an integration with Greenhouse, this feature is not widely available yet. However, our service-based approach allows companies to partner with us to leverage YesterdayAI’s advanced screening and matching capabilities.

Do human recruiters still play a role in the process, or is it all AI-driven?

Human recruiters play a crucial role in our process, complementing our AI-driven platform. YesterdayAI handles the initial stages of candidate sourcing, screening, and matching with efficiency and precision. However, human recruiters conduct in-depth interviews, assess cultural fit, and provide personalised interactions with candidates and clients. This combination of AI and human expertise ensures a thorough, balanced, and effective recruitment process, leveraging the strengths of both technology and human judgment.

How does YesterdayAI improve the candidate experience?

YesterdayAI improves the candidate experience by streamlining the recruitment process and providing timely updates. Automated screening processes allow candidates to move quickly through the initial stages, while personalised interactions with human recruiters ensure candidates feel valued and understood. This combination of technology and human touch results in a smoother, more engaging, and responsive recruitment experience for candidates.

How secure is the data processed by YesterdayAI?

At YesterdayAI, we take data security extremely seriously. We adhere to industry best practices and standards to ensure the utmost protection of all data processed by our platform. This includes implementing robust encryption protocols, regular security audits, and stringent access controls. It's important to note that the data processed by YesterdayAI is used solely for the purpose of providing our recruitment services. We do not use this data for training our AI models or for any other purposes outside of the specific recruitment tasks requested by our clients. Our commitment is to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data while delivering efficient, AI-powered recruitment solutions.

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