Changing the way hiring is done

At Yesterday, we are on a mission to change hiring. Our commitment is to transform the hiring landscape through advanced technology blended seamlessly with human expertise.

Our goals

At Yesterday, we are driven by four key goals that define our vision for the future of hiring.

Accelerate time to hire

We aim to drastically reduce the time-to-hire by developing intelligent systems that minimise wasted time for both employers and candidates. 

Improve quality and fit

We want to improve candidate quality through better talent-role matching, freeing up more time to focus on evaluating interpersonal skills and cultural fit.

Promote fairness

We are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in every hiring decision. Through our technology, we strive to create a fairer hiring landscape.

Simplify the experience

We aim to make the hiring process straightforward for employers and candidates, ensuring more time is spent on building meaningful connections.

Meet our founders

Millie Marconi
Co-Founder & Director
Millie is an ambitious leader and a powerhouse in the recruitment industry. With extensive experience headhunting for some of Australia’s best companies and scaling startups, Millie has honed her ability to identify and secure top talent. Her entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry knowledge led her to start Yesterday, with her vision to make hiring better for both employers and candidates through next-generation hiring solutions.
Katharine Suy
Co-Founder & Director
Kat is a versatile leader with a rich background spanning multiple industries, from finance to digital marketing. She has hired hundreds of roles over her career, gaining deep insights into what it means to hire from the client side. Kat and Millie bonded over their shared frustrations with modern hiring processes. Driven by a mission to solve the pain points she encountered throughout her career, Kat is dedicated to transforming hiring.

Millie and Katsu are an amazing female founding duo who are reshaping the recruitment industry.

James McClure

VC Partner, Antler

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Our services

Hire Yesterday

Hire Yesterday is our services arm offering headhunting services to professional services firms, utilising our software. We combine our technology with our extensive expertise to efficiently find and qualify top talent, managing the entire process from screening to job offer negotiations. Our tech-enabled headhunting services are faster, and more cost-effective than traditional recruitment.


YesterdayAI, our venture funded technology arm, focuses on developing advanced hiring technology. YesterdayAI's cutting-edge solutions are currently integrated exclusively within Hire Yesterday's services. They play a crucial role in reducing time-to-hire and improving hire quality, creating a more efficient and seamless experience for both employers and candidates.

Ready to transform your hiring?

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