Diversity drives innovation: our inclusive hiring vision

Building stronger teams through equitable practices and celebrating unique perspectives.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our commitment goes beyond words; it's woven into the fabric of our hiring practices, workplace culture, and business strategy. We're dedicated to creating an environment where innovation thrives through the power of diverse perspectives and inclusive collaboration.

Diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones

Diversity extends beyond demographics to include varied experiences, backgrounds, and problem-solving approaches. Studies by Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company show a strong correlation between diversity and positive business outcomes, including revenue.

Leave yesterday's bias behind

We're committed to reshaping the workplace by empowering startups to build diverse teams. Our products and services focus on mitigating bias, promoting transparency, and championing inclusive hiring practices. While leveraging technology, we ensure human experts in hiring drive inclusive best practices throughout the process

Sparking healthy debate

As a female-founded company, we understand the importance of diversity firsthand. Our founders are committed to building a culture that celebrates diverse perspectives and encourages healthy debate. We're dedicated to a feedback-driven, transparent approach where all voices are heard.

Diversity and inclusion FAQs

Have questions about our diversity and inclusion approach? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand how we handle DEI.

How does Yesterday incorporate diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process?

Yesterday incorporates diversity and inclusion by proactively sourcing candidates from diverse backgrounds and using bias-free screening and interviewing processes. Our proprietary AI technology minimises unconscious bias, and our team is trained in best practices for diversity and inclusion. We craft inclusive job descriptions and maintain continuous oversight to promote equitable hiring, ensuring we present a diverse range of qualified candidates to our clients.

What strategies do you use to ensure diverse candidate pipelines?

We ensure diverse candidate pipelines by proactively sourcing from varied backgrounds, using bias-free screening processes, crafting inclusive job descriptions, and leveraging AI to minimise unconscious bias. Additionally, we conduct outreach to diverse networks and provide ongoing diversity training for our team. These strategies ensure a broad and inclusive pool of qualified candidates.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your diversity and inclusion efforts?

We measure the effectiveness of our diversity and inclusion efforts by tracking diverse hiring rates, monitoring the diversity within candidate pipelines, analysing retention rates of diverse hires, and collecting employee feedback on inclusion and workplace culture. Regularly reviewing these metrics allows us to refine our strategies and ensure a truly inclusive work environment.

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