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Hiring is a

* without the right tools & processes in place.

Modern day recruitment
is overdue for a shake-up.

You're hurting your
bottom line.

Think of the administrative burden you're costing your organisation for each step of the hiring process.
It is affecting your 'time-to-hire', your
'cost-per-hire' as well as your brand reputation for every candidate you don't get back to.

Can you afford a bad hire?
Expensive, time consuming, manual, poor experience

AI is here,
whether you like it or not.

There's an influx of AI-assisted resumes, complicating the selection process.

Make AI work for you.
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Let's seriously talk about pay

Salary discussions and pay-scales shouldn't be taboo. Quite frankly, sweeping it under the rug doesn't make-it-go away.

Candidates deserve better

You can't expect candidates to keep jumping through hoops to prove they're worthy and not share any feedback whatsoever.

Let's try to be aware of bias

When was the last time you took a closer look at your job descriptions, how you screen your applicants and your hiring practices.

This is why we
started yesterday.

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We've been hiring for years

With thousands of hours sunk into the recruitment process personally, we understand first hand the challenges faced in this space.

We believe we can set a new global standard.
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We're tired of disengagement.

We started this journey to tackle the inefficient processes that lead to recruiters and candidates feeling overlooked and undervalued.  

Our vision is empowered recruiters and fulfilled job seekers.
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Hiring needs to be fairer, period.

We have the responsibility to make diverse, equitable and inclusive hiring practices the norm.

We strive to use our AI capabilities to address unconscious bias and reduce disparities in hiring.  
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Leave the hiring decisions to humans.

We have absolutely no intention of replacing humans, especially when it comes to decision making.

Our goal is to free up your capacity to spend quality time with the candidates.
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