Apply to our pilot program

Our Pilot Program is designed as a closed beta to help us build better recruitment solutions alongside a select group of design partners.

We're looking for high-growth startups with an active hiring pipeline of 10 or more employees to join us.

This is a collaborative initiative, so you'll need to bring patience and an openness to working with a scrappy, evolving product.

Tell us more about the unique hiring challenges you're navigating as your team rapidly expands. We'll assess how we can bring you on board as a design partner, even though our initial capacity is limited.

Participants will need to commit around 4-5 hours per month for feedback sessions and product testing.

As part of this exclusive group, you'll have the opportunity to provide candid input and directly shape our solutions from the ground up. We move quickly, but we'll make sure to tailor our tools around your specific pain points, helping you hire top talent efficiently.
Thank you for applying to our pilot. Our team will review your submission and be in touch shortly to discuss the next steps.
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