Our commitment to the future of  work

At Yesterday, we believe that diverse and inclusive teams are essential for the success of high-growth startups. When people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together, it sparks conversation, drives better decision-making, and helps companies better serve their customers.

Diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones

Diversity is often mistakenly confused with just demographic representation.

The most impactful teams leverage differences in thought processes to drive breakthroughs. These differences come from people with varied experiences, backgrounds and problem-solving approaches.

Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between diversity and positive business outcomes, including revenue:
Boston Consulting Group: "How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation (2018)McKinsey & Company: Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters (2020)

However, the startup ecosystem has historically struggled with building truly inclusive teams. Unconscious biases, narrow recruiting practices, and a lack of openness to diverse viewpoints have contributed to an industry-wide diversity gap.

This is not only detrimental to individual startups, but also to the entire tech ecosystem.

Leave yesterday's
bias behind

That's why we're committed to helping reshape the workplace by empowering startups to build teams that reflect the rich diversity of our society.

We're careful about designing products and services to help with mitigating bias, promoting transparency and championing inclusive hiring practices - to help make it easier for companies to attract, evaluate, and retain rockstar talent from all backgrounds.

We know that a lot of people have reservations about new technology. At the heart of our approach are humans. Humans who happen to be experts in hiring and are dedicated to championing inclusive best practices at every stage of the hiring process. We shoulder the responsibility to drive meaningful change, and to empower startups to do the same.

Sparking healthy debate

As a female-founded company, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion firsthand. That's why at Yesterday, we hold ourselves to the same high standards we expect from the startups we work with.

Our two founders are deeply committed to building a culture that celebrates diverse perspectives and encourages healthy debate. We're dedicated to a feedback-driven, transparent approach where all voices are heard and conversations between socially different people are seen as opportunities to learn and grow.

While we're still early in our journey, we are already exploring ways to embed these principles more deeply into our work. We're excited to continue learning and evolving our practices, so that we can deliver truly inclusive products and services to our partners.

The long road ahead

Of course, our work is far from complete, and the path to a more equitable future is a long one. We're continually learning about the pivotal role we can play in driving meaningful change, not just through recruitment, but across the entire employee experience.

Hiring diverse talent is important, but it's not enough. Everyone deserves a great experience, from the application process to their day-to-day work. That's why we're committed to ongoing improvement, for ourselves and the startups we partner with.

We hope our commitment to inclusive practices will catalyse broader but necessary changes across the startup landscape.